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What is the Peak State of Flow Like?

What would it be like to achieve the peak state of 'flow'? Have you done it yet? Do you want it more consistently?

For now, we'll kind of just isolate and separate it from performance or sports based flow in 'application' and just focus on the 'state' itself.

Have you felt it before?...out of nowhere inspiration hits you when you LEAST expect it...in the shower, brushing your teeth or eating a cheese sandwich. It's a great new idea you never thought of before or a new melody.

But what if you could have a way to be continually inspired at these genius levels more to ALL of the time and then APPLY them directly to your creative endeavors? What if you didn't have to randomly wait upon them?

Great huh? It's what creative professionals really would like to have control of or access to because their best work comes from it. But for most it seems like they have to pay YEARS of hard work dues just focusing on 1 special, chosen creative area.

But what if you could achieve the STATE itself and then apply it to be masterfully proficient in MANY areas? To truly become a modern day Renaissance man or woman?

Ok...obviously I train on achieving peak states and since I've experienced it a lot (and AM a modern day RenMan) I think I can help you because a lot of what I've done to achieve it was not from the popular West.

I know and respect that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote the original book 'Flow', but let's define what 'flow' practically is here (from a subjective experience viewpoint in the rest of the article):

Well..What is flow?

You could call it the harnessed application of universal consciousness.

Flow is a non-egoic STATE of application in your production or performance environment. It's where everything is inspired and just synergizing together on a level beyond your normal thought or conscious ability of output.

I say that from my experience, Flow is an actual 'State' because I've achieved it and used it in DIFFERENT areas. So, the application itself can be transmuted into different areas such as basketball, screenwriting, producing music, playing guitar, writing melodies, learning languages at prodigious rates, drawing art, painting, etc. once you HAVE the ability to get into higher levels of consciousness.

So, let me tell you a bit what the peak 'State' of 'Flow' is like.

First of all, it's very non-egoic...it means you are literally absent from your daily thinking mind.

The difference between modern day maestro's (who can access and apply Flow to their creative profession or passionate hobbies) and trained Buddhist monks is that we just transmute the energy differently.

With traditional meditation you don't DO ANYTHING with the non-egoic States you're experiencing..you just sit there and be more awake, alive and feel the bliss.

But YOU are a creative professional who has demands, desires, dreams and deadlines! So, when you know how, you can use it to your advantage.

Sure, traditional meditators and Eckhart Tolle might think that we are 'serving the ego' but I see it as this: any point in arguing is kind of futile if it's really just a transmutation of the same energy. And this already represents the greatest works of art and creation in history!

In fact, by sharing your (these) gifts with the rest of the world you're creating a better place.

But again, you really do have to achieve these higher states of consciousness if you want the ability to continually draw from it and transmute it into new creation or learning.

With the peak State of 'Flow', it's like an APPLIED creative consciousness so if you haven't achieved those levels of inspiration it's probably because you are not very non-egoic or 'outside of' your thinking, chattering mental mind.

When you can get into the non-egoic state of flow and instead of keeping it to yourself, be moved and inspired to capture it and the words or lyrics just come out of you, you can share your music with the world.

The greatest, most beautiful, timeless productions in history stand the test of time...and of course you should also be using the highest quality production tools or standards to get that framework of universal quality for yourself in your studio or production environment but when you HIT that State - it just inspires you.

So, back to the question of 'what does it feel like?'

Well, I've been doing very special and serious meditation for a number of years called 'relational meditation'.

I get into higher states of non-ego and I can just be more easily inspired.

In fact, relational meditation is great because you have distinct advantages over the somewhat limiting trademarks of traditional meditation.

You can use certain resources to CAUSE a certain kind of desired emotional EFFECT on your physiological state in the moment.

So: get in a non-egoic state and then have the intended question, result or production tools in front of you and then when inspiration strikes you just record it down.

It's kind of creepy if you just listen to it like this: I've had over 10,000 thoughts that were not my own...they were inspired and just came out of the blue...in fact I've started a whole new theorum of behaviorism which I think to be the most accurate.

So, when you can get in State for yourself, inspiration is more p rimed just to 'hit you' and then you can just transmute it or apply it into your notebook, software program, sheetwriting program, etc.

Wouldn't that be a priceless ability to have access to the same creative 'source' as Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci and other prolific creators? Especially when you already have a lot of the technical knowledge down?

Then just find out more on my website with a free video about how to achieve peak states for yourself.

If you're serious about your hobbies or your creative profession, this may be the most important breakthrough ever - what's next.

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