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What Is Music? How Can We Describe This Fabulous Invention Without Which No One Can Live Today?

If we go back in time aiming to discover the history of this outstanding concept, we come across multiple references. First of all, we can firmly declare that music exists from prehistoric eras. As various musical instruments have been discovered during numerous archeological excavations, it is clear enough that music has been always that important and necessary in human everyday life. The first items, proving that people from the bygone were creating and enjoying the music, were the flutes. The prehistoric flutes were carved in bones and had lateral holes. The biggest collection of musical instruments was discovered in China. The ancient Egyptians believed that their god, Thoth, invented the music. The earliest evidences of Egyptian music were attested in the Old Kingdom, after clarinets, flutes and harps had been discovered. Also, it is worth mentioning that even the Bible gives references to music. So, it can be stated that the music and the humanity have always coexisted. Music in an important part of in our cultural and social life and it has been so since the very beginning.

The major role in the development of music was played by the Western cultures, and here we should speak about Ancient Greece. The music for ancient Greeks was performed in order to entertain, celebrate something, and during different spiritual ceremonies. Also, music was very important in the process of education, thus the boys were studying music since childhood.

Music has been changing throughout centuries: from medieval era with its chanting and secular music to Renaissance, Baroque, Classical period, Romanticism, Asian music cultures, and modern era. It is impossible to imagine the entire path the music has made to become what we have today.

Nowadays, music is everywhere. The whole world lives according to a certain rhythm. Without even noticing it, we listen to the music no matter how we feel, good or terrible; no matter what we do: study, walking down the street, read, and so on. We became so music addicted that we can't stand the silence anymore. For people, music is both a drug and a special kind of medication. Even more, music has become the best tool in tweaking our mood. When we're listening to some disco or dance music we automatically feel the desire to move, and vice-versa if a song is soft and quite we become calm and relaxed. The scientists have already proved that music influences greatly people's state of mind. Listening to a particular song provides certain emotions either positive or negative. Also, music can distract us from unwanted thoughts that come to our mind and may affect our mood. On the one hand, music can make us happy, but on the other hand it can make us feel sad. Everything depends on the melody, rhythm, tone and other not less important aspects.

To sum up what has been said above, we should remember the following fact about music: it exists almost since the very beginning of the humanity; it has been changing constantly, it has a great influence on people's mood and behavior, and that it becomes impossible to live without it.

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