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Benefits Abound With a Modern Kitchen

By standard definition, a modern kitchen is any kitchen that uses electricity or natural gas. So technically speaking, I guess every kitchen in the western world is known as a modern kitchen. However for the purposes of this article, we're going to expand the definition and focus on the conveniences of modern kitchen design and the benefits that you can potentially enjoy every day no matter your lifestyle.

When you think of modern, no doubt you have a rush of images from sleek designs to state-of-the-art technology. Here are just a few categories to get you focused and narrow your definition of modern kitchen ideas.

Technology is typically the first association people make with the word 'modern.' And if you want your kitchen to be technologically advanced you will focus on computer chipped appliances and computers. Today appliances use computers to set temperatures, timers, food expiration dates, and even alerts for inventory restocking. A modern kitchen may very well include a large flat screen TV to display recipes, family calendars, household schedules, and it's certainly more fun to cook while watching videos, searching websites, or listening to music.

While technology can pose an image of cold and uninviting, a modern kitchen embraces state-of-the-art innovation with classic design ideas - clean lines, clear countertops, bold colors, contrasting design elements, and simple shapes. A modern kitchen can be both a technologically advanced and warm and inviting space.

Cabinetry of a modern luxury kitchen will distinctly lack extra features found in traditional style designs. Most modern cabinets are simple, square or rectangular shaped, without fancy door handles. Although 'plain' the look of the cabinetry is sleek, clean, and highly functional. The look is all about working properly and showcasing your personal style. In fact, you may wish to completely leave cabinet doors off for the sheer convenience of access and sexy open look.

Appliances in your new kitchen need not be the most recent release from a major appliance company. While having the fancy new refrigerator or the hottest new 5 burner cook top may be nice, does it fit into your overall decorating scheme and budget? Believe it or not, a retro refrigerator, if working properly, could be the right fit for your new kitchen. Even your kitchen hood exhaust fan from a different time period can work, as long as it functions fine and does not pose a danger to the rest of your house.

Use this checklist for the appliances you have or might need to replace:

Wine Cooler
Washer / Dryer
Waste Disposal
Cook top
Coffee Machine
Instant Hot Water Tap
Sink & Tap
Fireplace / Hob
Wet Bar
Blender, Food Processor

Furniture in a modern kitchen should be simple in shape, multi-functional, and bold in color. Modern kitchen furniture will not include carved legs, multi-colored patterned cushions, or seats made of many parts. Modern style by definition means full of straight line and not a lot of fuss.

Modern d├ęcor means little to no art work is required for a modern kitchen design. The decoration is the furniture and cabinetry and it's typically limited to a one or two color scheme. A one color scheme means everything, cabinets, furniture, and appliances, is a single color. A two color scheme is one in which the walls and cabinets are one color but the appliances and furniture are a second color, usually a highly contrasting color.

Whether it's a few touches or a complete new kitchen, you can create a modern kitchen successfully as long as you express your personal style and the space makes you happy.

Remodeling Benefits

As the housing stock ages and new construction prices rise, more and more people are remodeling their homes than any other time in history. If you live in a house that you generally love and it's located in a desirable neighborhood, remodeling makes good financial sense. What's the primary benefit you might derive from a new kitchen?

1. Functionality - add a walk-in pantry, re-design counter space, and make room for your laptop and printer - anything that complements your lifestyle.

2. Interaction - open up your kitchen to the other adjoining rooms, a new island can be a comfortable place for early morning coffee chats and late evening wine tasting.

3. Safety - reduce risks of accidents and make your much-used room safe. Modify countertop heights to reduce back strain and use green materials to improve indoor air quality.

4. Storage - a well-designed kitchen remodel can greatly increase your storage space and ability to keep organized.

5. Entertaining - enjoy the fun of entertaining people in your new space.

6. Resale - According to realtors, the kitchen and bath are the most important rooms in the house to potential buyers. Reports show that a kitchen remodel can return up to 85% of its cost upon resale.

7. Style - it's all about you and the beautiful things you appreciate. Make your kitchen a happy place to spend time.

Whether practical, functional, or desirable, fitting your kitchen with an updated look can make any old modern kitchen into a new modern luxury kitchen expressly designed for you. After all, technology waits for no one.

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