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Trance Music and How You Can Begin Recording Your Own Trance

Trance music is rapidly becoming hugely popular this day and age. The music is a complex mixture between techno, house, and classical music. The intense build ups and break downs in the music take its listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. The listeners often reach a state of trance, which is how it earned its title. Trance is known for having a very fast beat per minute rate (BPM) which makes the music very intense. Trance concerts are often in a dark setting with flashing strobe and laser lights, as well as intense bass. The combination of fast changing light, heavy vibration from the base, and rapid BPM during the concerts aid in transporting the mind and body into a state of euphoria. Many people rely on this state as a method of relieving stress. It is an outlet and an escape from the real world.

Trance music really started to take off during the 1990's in Europe. Since then its popularity has spread all over the world and it is arguably the fastest growing genre in the music industry. In the 2000's trance developed a stronghold on U.S. soils and it has been gaining steam ever since. Trance is not just a single genre. It covers a very broad area of music and there are many sub genres and music styles blanketed by the genre of trance. Euro, goa, psychedelic, and progressive trance are just a few of the many trance sub genres.

Trance even has its own style of dance to go with the music. Trance dancing is not like other forms of dancing where there are precise moves and timing that synced with the music. Most of the time trance dancing is not referred to as dancing but rather as "trancing". This is because instead of flowing with the music, a common practice is to sort of gyrate with the melody and beat, giving up your body and mind to the music. This is how a state of trance is achieved and this is the primary attraction behind the music. In fact, many people put this practice to use as a way of meditating or achieving a state of hypnosis.

An average trance track will have wide rhythmic variances throughout the song with periods of extremely high energy followed by periods of very low energy. This acts to build you up and break you down emotionally. If you allow yourself to fully participate in the music, during the periods of high energy you will feel wonderful, and your body will completely relieve itself of stress. During the low energy times in the music you will usually feel reflective, thoughtful, and often times they will bring about thoughts of sad or stressful events. The high points typically follow the low and the aim of the music is to bring about bad feelings, stress, and harmful thoughts that make you hurt. Once this is brought to mind the music builds up and relieves you of that pressure, it eradicates negativity from your mind and body and shows you through the bad times. This reinforces positive thinking and optimism for the listener.

Because trance is such a powerful and emotional music genre many people enjoy recording their own trance. This way they can put their own stories, their own emotional attachments to the song which allows them to have a more personal relationship with the music. This is very effective for people who have large amounts of stress or anxiety in their lives. They are able to put all that stress and frustration into a song with intense build ups and break downs which allow them to ride the stress through the song and eradicate it from their minds and bodies.

Recording your own trance may sound slightly farfetched to you right now but I assure you it is not. With today's music composing software everyone has the ability to produce professional quality trance music right on their personal computers. Music composing software programs are basically computer based recording studios. They have what are called sequencers loaded with thousands and thousands of sounds and pre-recorded instrumentation. Imagine having any instrument playing any note, any drum or bass hit, and any sound you want to incorporate into your song readily available and all you have to do is piece those sounds together like a puzzle to create your own music. Music software gives you the ability to do just that.

Don't worry, it is not anywhere near as complicated as you think. Modern music software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It requires no prior experience with recording equipment or of music production to operate at a professional level. On top of that, almost all software packages come complete with comprehensive video training and support modules so you can learn how to properly operate your program efficiently and effectively.

Don't worry, it is not anywhere near as expensive as you think. Sure, if you were in the market for professional grade music software ten years ago you had better be prepared to fork over some cash. However, due to its increase in popularity and the increase of competition in the music software market prices over the last few years have plummeted. Now professional software that produces broadcast quality tracks can be purchased for less than it costs to treat yourself to a nice dinner these days.

Creating music is the most inspiring and creative art form one can take part in. This is especially true when producing trance music. You will find as you are recording that the music will become a part of you. The melody won't just be a catchy beat, it will be a story alive within you.

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