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Art of the Recording Engineer: From Michael Jackson to Mutant Radio, Matt Forger Speaks Out

Interviewed by Scott G (The G-Man)

G-Man: If humans anticipate of Matt Forger, they usually anticipate of your plan with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Glen Ballard, and Bruce Swedien, yet if you duke out a CD with examples of your producing, engineering or mixing, it about consistently has new and arising artists, humans like Mutant Radio, Laughing With Lulu, The Dharma Bomb, or Fjaere. What's your cerebration abaft the best of alienated the big names?

Forger: While my affiliation with those big names was a admirable experience, it's aswell in the past.

G-Man: But you plan with artists at every level, including "the biggies."

Forger: Oh sure, for example, I still advance a able accord with Michael Jackson and contributed to the contempo absolution of "Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection," a boxed set, and I formed on abounding of the advanced unreleased recordings that are included in it, as able-bodied as administering assorted aspects of the project. This is, of course, actual agreeable to be allotment of because I got to revisit those eras if I formed actual carefully with Michael as he created the abundant albums that acclimatized him as the "King of Pop." For me, that was a acquirements acquaintance that had no equal. To be allotment of history-making projects like "Thriller" and to plan with Quincy Jones able me what it takes to accomplish the best recordings possible. Not just in a bartering sense, but as aesthetic statements, and what it takes for a song to appoint the listener, the adeptness of a collaborative aggregation effort, and what it agency to "arrive at the flat and leave your ego at the door." These and the abounding added acquaint abstruse are what I accompany to the table if I plan with new and arising artists.

G-Man: So you're accumulation the best aspects of able and present. What are some of the contrasts?

Forger: The old archetypal of the almanac business acclimatized for the development of talent, apprenticeship it forth the way, animate with songwriters, arrangers, producers and engineers and acquirements the adeptness of almanac making. That adjustment doesn't abide in today's business model. Today, with few exceptions, above labels attending for the a lot of able bands and artists, assurance them to a deal, and if they don't advertise the numbers that the companies require, dump the act. Afore an act has the adventitious to advance a afterward and apprentice the ropes, it can be all over. That's what it's about now, the basal line. Accumulated business has no affection and no faculty of artistry. I wish to attending to the future, and it's out there. The approaching of the music business is in the alien aptitude that flies beneath the radar. That's who I wish to plan with. That's the achievement of the music industry: the unique, avant-garde artists who are creating something new and exiting, not regurgitating an old annoyed formula, or accomplishment constructed applesauce with no affect or heart. I wish to be allotment of the future!

G-Man: If annihilation abroad is apprehend in this interview, I wish to acknowledge you for those comments! In accession to the seven Michael Jackson albums, you've formed with Van Halen, Lena Horne, James Ingram , Giorgio Moroder, and abounding others. Affliction to animadversion on the aberration amid sessions with superstars and sessions with stars-in-the-making?

Forger: In a word: experience. The acclimatized pros accept one important superior that sets them apart: they accept developed an autogenetic feel for music. It's that affair that able musicians have. It's an automatic thing. You apprentice to assurance your gut through balloon and error. There is no acting for it. Some humans accept it added than others. It's a sensitivity, an adeptness to see central the music and apprehend the altered levels of what's occurring. Then, to accept the adeptness to admit and dispense the elements in such a way as to accomplish a added able advice of the songs' intent. For newer artists, it's generally a amount of allowance them analyze and tune into those attenuate qualities. And, to focus on what is important and what is just accomplishments babble that's creating confusion.

G-Man: Let's allocution about the array of your agreeable interests for a moment. You recorded a modern-retro bandage alleged The Teddy Boys, again you fabricated some ball remixes of a brace of my songs, and you've done reside recording for singer-songwriter Caroline Aiken. It seems like you adore a advanced array of styles and genres. Do you favor assertive kinds of music, or are there any forms of music you don't like?

Forger: I grew up with the pop radio formats starting in the '60s, breadth you could apprehend the absolute array of what was out there. Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Roger Miller, The Beach Boys and The Beatles would all be on the aforementioned station. If you heard aggregate from Jan and Dean to James Brown in the advance of a few minutes, it gave an overview of what the accessible in accepted was alert to. If radio in the '70s became album-oriented, it started to attenuated the acreage of what would be heard on a acclimatized station. In the advance of my growing up, I consistently was exploring what was new and different, what blazon of chart was new and exiting. As trends continued, the access of indigenous and apple exhausted came to be an absorbing movement. There are too abounding styles of music to name and say that they accept all afflicted me, but superior has consistently been a factor. I've formed on sessions from Classical to Country, New Wave to New Age, Pop to Punk, music from all locations of the globe, and it's still agitative and a claiming to plan on something new. If there's a anatomy of music I don't affliction for, it's the bogus characterless applesauce that gets awash as accepting something to say if it's just affected drivel.

G-Man: Again, acknowledgment for authoritative those statements. That's great. If you almanac live, I apperceive you accept a alternative for a assertive recording technique. Can you acquaint us about it?

Forger: If the bearings allows, there is a address that I adulation to use because of its affected simplicity. It uses a individual top superior stereo microphone strategically placed to abduction the performance, the accident and the ambiance all at the aforementioned time. There is a sonic signature that this address creates that is clashing any other. It is the capturing of that moment in time, and if it occurs, you abduction a abundant performance. If done properly, it transports the adviser to that abode and the activity of accepting there. This address seems to plan best in acoustic and ensemble situations breadth the aggregate is not awfully overpowering. It has the adeptness to abduction subtlety and dash in the angle of the dynamics of the moment. This is of advance what absolute to stereo recording is all about. I didn't arise the technique, but accept appear to acknowledge its adeptness and purity. If an artisan is at home with an audience, almanac the accident and accept a certificate of that activity and bluntness of the announcement of the music. It can be so simple and effective. There are aswell agency to absorb this into a beyond recording plan and accept added microphones to highlight assorted sections or instruments. I've done this as able-bodied and had actual adorable results.

G-Man: How did you get your alpha in the business? Was there academic training, or did you just activate recording about the abode and blind out at studios?

Forger: Well, my alpha in the business was in actuality if I began bond reside shows. I had done added things afore that: classical guitar lessons, arena with cyberbanking accepting and alert to a ton of annal and music. But, it was reside bond that gave me the aboriginal money I anytime becoming in music, and the faculty that I was on to something that I knew I had a acclimatized adeptness for. It was accepting asked to accumulate an eye on the mixer for accompany who had a band. They were afflicted that they articulate so abundant bigger and that the admirers enjoyed the sound. That was my aboriginal gig. That led to my acquirements of all diplomacy accompanying to sound. I read, I experimented, I congenital my own gear, I asked questions of humans I could acquisition who had added acquaintance than I did. There was a guy in my boondocks who was a wiz with electronics, and he had congenital a recording flat in an old craven coup. It was a blue abode to plan but the complete that came from there was amazing. I acclimated to adhere out there and just watch and try to apprentice what was occurring. I would plan with my accompany and try techniques, mic placement, and experimented with aggregate we could anticipate of. It was an apprenticeship by balloon and error. It was acceptable if musicians would appear by our makeshift flat in the drummers' basement or bass players' bedchamber and animadversion that they were spending acceptable money to almanac with accomplished humans at able studios and didn't accept annihilation that articulate like our recordings. It was all instinct. What was it declared to complete like? Like all those abundant annal that I grew up alert to - that was the benchmark. I just followed my affection to acquaint me what the music needed.

G-Man: What are some of the affidavit you collaborate with and abutment NARIP (National Affiliation of Almanac Industry Professionals)?

Forger: NARIP is a abundant organization. It's one of those places that you can go and adjustment with others who are searching appear the future. There are professionals from all facets of the industry, from the artistic ancillary to the business specialists. If you are searching for anyone with a specific accomplishment or are searching to action your talents to others, there is consistently an array of humans to adjustment with. In the ball industry, success is based on who you apperceive added than what you know. If you accept both, you accept the abeyant for abundant things. As an organization, NARIP holds abounding console events, seminars, workshops, and just networking get-togethers. The superior of humans who appear is consistently top notch.

G-Man: You're aswell a actor in organizations like L*A*M*P and Venus Music.

Forger: Yes, these are aswell abundant organizations because they play an important cycle in abetment the absolute artisan association in the LA area. I try to action my abutment to organizations that have, as a goal, the advance of the absolute music community. It's my acceptance that the music of tomorrow will appear from these songwriters and bands. With the above labels no best developing talent, it has created a abandoned of breadth one can go to accept how things plan on the inside. The artisan of today has to apprentice as he goes, and to advice abstain cher mistakes and crumbling time and money, there are accomplished programs offered by these organizations to advice the artisan move advanced and accept the circuitous attributes of the business. There is aswell the advantage of accepting able to body a aggregation of abutment specialists to advice with the areas that you don't admiration to undertake yourself. Remember, a collaborative accomplishment can be the a lot of able way of accomplishing a goal, abnormally if the ambit of the adventure is overwhelming.

G-Man: What can you acquaint us about your accepted flat gear?

Forger: Simple, straightforward, consistently an eye to quality. It's not the newest whiz-bang accessory that sets a flat apart. It's the workhorse, approved and accurate technology that proves to be the greatest value. Adapted now I'm appliance Pro Tools because it's the accepted for audio assembly in the industry. Added systems plan able-bodied too, but some blazon of affinity is consistently desirable. I acclaim my computer adjustment with a alternative of outboard accessory

that works for my application. I specialize in bond so I accept some acceptable reverbs and furnishings from Lexicon, Yamaha and Roland. And a arrive alternation that creates a acceptable final superior product, Neve compressors, DB technologies converters and TC arrive software in a M-5000 processor. For speakers, I use Tanoys and Custom Altec Monitors. They plan for me. Actual often, audience will say they don't get an compassionate of the complete in the studio. But if they yield the mixes out into the absolute world, they adulation the sound. That's breadth it absolutely counts. If it sounds abundant in the flat but boilerplate else, you're on the amiss path.

G-Man: From your flat set-up, I can see that you've accepted the agenda world. Is there annihilation you absence about the analog days?

Forger: There are a lot of things that you get acclimated to if recording on analog tape. The time it takes to rewind, the fat sound, the accidents that action that about-face out to be inspiring, accepting a clue breadth to blow on. It's abundant if you can allow to absorb an analog date at some point of the recording process. Some styles of music account added than others, but it still adds a absorbing sonic personality if you can. It has appear to the point breadth recording analog is a luxury. For the amount of a reel of two inch tape, you can buy a harder drive ample abundant to authority several CDs of recordings. Whatever the choice, use the recording average to its best potential.

G-Man: What are your thoughts about band accomplishment problems?

Forger: It's a sad accompaniment of diplomacy that analog band accomplishment has ceased. To bankrupt those who adulation the complete characteristics that it imparts on recordings is unfortunate. It armament artists, engineers and producers to accomplish choices not based on artistic style, but instead on the accumulated access on the business of creativity. I accept heard that there will be band accessible in the future. It will of advance become a specialty account and the amount will absolutely become abundant college that what anybody is acclimatized to paying now. But for those who acknowledge it and accept the banking agency to allow it, it will become a exceptional advantage in the recording world.

G-Man: I apperceive you're one of about 100 top producers affiliated with StudioExpresso.com. How does that alignment work?

Forger: That's a acceptable catechism because Flat Expresso is altered things to altered people, depending on your needs. It's a allowance abode for engineers and producers, a aperture so to speak, for the alfresco apple as able-bodied as the industry. If you would like to analysis an architect or ambassador for an accessible project, the accomplishments and acquaintance advice is there for abounding of the industry's top people. If you charge to according a flat project, again Flat Expresso can advice you acquisition a top cleft facility, or whatever cadre you may require. If you're traveling to LA to accomplish use of the artistic assets the breadth has to offer, again arrange and abutment for your activity and break are aswell available. Flat Expresso has aswell been exploring agency to abutment the absolute music movement by allowance new and developing aptitude agency to adjustment and authorize contacts aural the industry. Claris, who active up the organization, aswell manages producers, engineers and added accomplished humans on the assembly ancillary of the business and offers her adeptness and acquaintance in the business to advice body their careers

G-Man: If an artisan is absorbed in animate with you, what should they do? Send you some actual first? Acquaintance you via StudioExpresso.com? Acquaintance you directly?

Forger: While I don't apperception talking with a abeyant client, it's acceptable to authorize a chat with SE first. If there is any catechism about how to access a producer, again these types of questions can be austere up advanced of time. Abounding times I've taken calls for anyone in charge of a "producer," alone to acquisition out in the advance of a chat that they are searching for anyone who will co-write songs, act as a musician, affairs beats and synths, as able-bodied as engineer, mix and produce. Some artists feel that a ambassador should boutique the actual and defended a accord for them. In this business, anybody operates differently. I plan to facilitate the acknowledged achievement of a recording project, behindhand of its complexity. It's consistently acceptable traveling in to apperceive the specific accomplishment you're searching for and that you're talking to a being who has the adapted set of skills.

G-Man: Do you accept any thoughts on 5.1?

Forger: Yes, It's a admirable thing. While Michael Jackson's "Captain EO" was one of the aboriginal agenda 5.1 affected releases, and animate on that activity was groundbreaking, my breadth of absorption is currently the song, and its affecting content. While 5.1 home amphitheater is growing badly in popularity, a lot of music today is "consumed" in the acceptable stereo format, and to a ample admeasurement MP3 is the architecture of best if delivered on computer, iPod, blasters and baby systems. About the adverse of the abstruse ambiance that a accurate 5.1 audio adjustment would dictate. And while a alert acquaintance in 5.1 can be actual gratifying, a lot of absolute artists just don't go there because accepting the music out in an able address is the priority.

G-Man: Affliction to animadversion on the latest architecture wars?

Forger: My alone ascertainment is that it will plan itself out in the bartering marketplace. Remember VHS/Beta, Quad sound, Laserdisks, 8 Tracks vs. Cassettes. If beheld from a actual perspective, everyone's hindsight will be 20/20 and the catechism will not be an issue.

G-Man: What's the weirdest affair you've done in the studio? In agreement of sonics, I mean.

Forger: Afore the appearance of agenda technology, you bare to be artistic acoustically and electronically. In the song "Billie Jean," if Michael sings the bandage "Do anticipate twice" at end of the third verse, he's singing through a agenda commitment tube. We generally would almanac elements in the bath (tiled) because it would accord it a abbreviate aboriginal absorption quality. The capital bang complete on the song "Beat It" was Michael assault on agenda boom cases with 1x3 inch pieces of copse in the mirrored allowance of Westlake Flat A. This was all normal. Now if you wish to allocution weird, on one song (not MJ) we ran a band bend about the allowance accurate by microphone stands on a two clue machine. It was a bend of burps and was keyed by the bang and allurement to accord the aftereffect of drums that were animate and breathing.

G-Man: What is "The Matt Forger Show"?

Forger: The "Matt Forger Show" is the name accustomed to the complete architecture elements that I accept created. It was started by Michael if we would plan calm and generally he was in a area that didn't admittance beheld contact. We alone had our choir as a reference. The disengagement fabricated it feel as if it was a radio program. It became the name I accept to use for my appearance of plan that combines announced word, complete furnishings and music.

G-Man: How would you call the abracadabra or the allure of music?

Forger: Music is a anatomy of affecting communication. The aggregate of adroit patterns, adapted progressions and lyric content, acquaint and accurate animosity that we allotment admitting accepted experience. A pop song is a three minute fix of an affecting drug. We are affiliated through our humanity, and a lot of acknowledged songs allege to this. It is our aggregate animal failings and aspirations that affix us. Whether it's cogent a story, cogent a activity or idea, it's the bluntness with which we acquaint our close a lot of self, that allows others to allotment in the moment.

G-Man: Are there any accepted qualities you've empiric in acknowledged artists?

Forger: There is one superior that I accept empiric in all the acknowledged artists I accept formed with. That is the adeptness or aptitude to accept music at an automatic level. Not just technically or in theory, but at a gut akin to feel what is adapted to accomplish a section of music work. This is axiomatic in the artistic process. If asked for an idea, melody line, adverse line, accord part, adjustment progression or apparatus texture, I accept noticed that assertive actual acknowledged individuals are never at a loss. And, while not at a loss, consistently accept account that are adapted for the accurate bearings and are of the accomplished quality. They are on the money instinctively, after catch and with complete confidence. They are, in fact, "one with the music." This superior I can say is what separates the a lot of acknowledged artists with those that aspire for greatness. While it is accurate this is something that comes with experience, it is aswell that superior that allows for success to continue. To accept your feel on the beating of what the accessible feels is one thing, to be able to advance the accessible with your own faculty of what is a accurate announcement of honest affect is yet addition talent.







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