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Tennessee: The Mecca to the Music Lovers

An Overview: Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. The name of the state has come from a Yuchi Indian word 'tana-see' that means 'the meeting place'. The capital of the state is Nashville while the largest city is Memphis. As a tourist spot, this state is slightly different regarding the type of attractions it has to offer to its visitors. The main attractions of this state lies in its rich music heritage and the numbers of places loaded with artistic and cultural values. This state has a history back to the initial days of rock n' roll and blues music. It had critical role in the development of these two types of music genre. The city Memphis is considered as the home of the blues music. Many world-famous musicians began their rock n' roll career here. With a music heritage like this, it is not difficult to assume that this state attracts many tourists every year.

Places that Appease Music and Art Interests: While a lot of tourists visit Tennessee to appease their love and interest for music, its natural resources are also capable of drawing tourist attention. The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is a center of country music. It also offers information about the evolution of the state's sports from 1800s until to-date. This double service has made it a hotspot to both the music and sports loving tourists. If tourists are interested in enjoying the exquisite art-pieces of famous artists, they can make a visit to The Knoxville Museum of Art. It exhibits some of the excellent art works of modern artists. It also conducts various art camps for children, which is an excellent opportunity to the kids to become acquainted with the concept of artwork at the early stage of their life. The Memphis city is one of the tourist-flooded places of the province. It has a rich music history, which is a great appeal to the people who have a taste for music. The Rock and Soul Museum and Memphis Blues and Music Museum are enriched with the records and remnants of the blues and rock music genre's initiation period.

Explore the Colors: Apart from these music-related places, Tennessee has to offer a lot of things that tourists can enjoy. If one is not interested in music stuffs, s/he can take a tour to Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. It offers a train ride throughout the countryside of Chattanooga. There are arrangements for seasonal and holiday events suitable for all ages. The Alex Haley Museum tells the tale of those Africans brought to America as slaves. National Civil Rights Museum is dedicated to bring forth the records related to the civil rights movement. Visitors can consider going to Lynchburg to watch the worldwide known distillery - Jack Daniels Distillery. The Riverbend Festival is the top music festival of the county that has brought thousands of music lovers together. The success of this festival lies in the fact that the language of music binds people from all walks of life. The offerings of such musical heritage with a lot of recreational and adventurous activities ranging from walking and cycling to riding horse and hunting, this state is a nice place to explore.

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