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Music Can Help Reduce Stress

Although many people don't play musical instrument, it is almost impossible to ignore the important role music played in our life. We are listening to music all the time; be it on radio, television, cinema, computer, iPod or even your mobile phone ringing tone. At the same time, music also helps to make us feel relax and release our tension and stress. There are many research reports that point out music have an intense effect on our body and mind.

As the pace of the modern lifestyle speed up, more and more people are not able to cope with it and many are suffering from endless frustration, anxiety, irritation, anger, negative stress and others. The rate of people seeking therapy or help with their stress problem is increasing over the years and there is a need for some form of effective stress management tools that people can use daily. Many started to look at music therapy.

Music Therapy is based on the belief that everyone is responsive to music, no matter how ill, disabled or traumatized. At the same time, music has the ability to help trigger our mental, emotional, and physical release, memory, pleasurable thoughts, and insights

Accordingly to research, relaxation music can help to stimulate brain activity that corresponds to the beat of the music. It will then help to relieve tension in other part of the human's body, reducing blood pressure, slower breathing, relax heart beat rate, boost immunity and totally relax oneself. Research also shows that music can bring in brainwave activity that enables the brain to move into a calm and meditative state easily, which essentially meant total relaxation.

That's why relaxing music is always being played in the background for all the therapy or counseling session. It can be a very powerful way to reach children, adolescents, and adults in the therapeutic setting and it help people to feel more relax and express their feelings freely. With the huge impact it has, the future of music therapy is very promising and clearly, the health power of music cannot be undermined.

So the next time round when you feel that you have a bad or hard day, why not sit back and relax yourself by putting on your favorite smoothing music or simply take a light walk with your headphone playing some calming music?

Really, listening to music can have a strong healing effect on your body.

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