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Meditation Music - How to Meditate

There are differing opinions on meditation music and if it can actually help you to enter into the state of meditation or if it simply gets in the way.

I believe that this depends a lot on the type of meditation you are doing or to be more specific on which method or technique you will be using to get into the state of meditation.

There are the more strict techniques which are found in the more traditional schools such as zen or to a certain extent the traditional Buddhist meditations. These are not really that suitable for the use of music as the idea is to enforce a sort of nothingness. You have to simply allow any sort of thoughts or distractions appear in your mind and float away without you exploring them or becoming attached to them.

There are a lot of other more modern meditation techniques that simply require you become as relaxed as possible and center yourself. These techniques are really conducive to the use of meditation music.

Guided meditations where there is a voice giving instructions on how to mediate are most often recorded with a calming meditation music in the background. These can be a good way to enter into the meditative state for beginners as you don't really need to do anything but listen to the voice and the music, follow the instructions and allow yourself to become immersed in the world of fantasy that is being created.

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to meditate but for more information on the music side of it then check out my Meditation Music website below.

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