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Using Brain Wave Music to Calm Your Mind

Brain wave music can literally be a life-saver for those times in our lives when our stress levels become unmanageable. In fact, relaxation techniques (including brain wave music) not only can save your life - but can also drastically improve the quality of your life when integrated into your life long-term.

Doctors tell us that chronic stress is killing us. I'm not talking about the life-saving, short-term, situational type of stress - the readiness state that our body adopts during an encounter with a saber-toothed tiger - or (in today's terms) when narrowly escaping a traffic accident.

I'm talking about the long-term chronic type of stress that comes from living a complex life in a complex society. Living in modern society is great. It has a great number of advantages and it offers us an even greater number of opportunities. But the complexities of modern societal life also saddle us with a great number of worries. And those worries cause stress. And, as doctors tell us - that never-ending chronic stress is slowly killing us.

Stress upsets nearly every system in your body. Among other things, stress can cause anxiety, accelerated aging, an increase in the risk of heart attack risk and/or stroke, a compromising of our immune system and digestive problems. And this is only a partial list.

And, on top of that, we all know - it just makes us feel bad. It ruins our mood. We become anxious, nervous, cranky, grumpy, short-tempered, impatient and, worst of all; stress seems to sap us of all of our energy. We feel tired all of the time. We feel... well... stressed. That describes it all. We all know what "feeling stressed" means because stress is so pervasive in our society.

So how do we attack stress? Simple. The same way it attacks us.

As I said earlier, single-event stress is not what is killing us. It is the chronic type of stress that is the product of worry and other mental pressures that is attacking our minds and bodies. It is the type of stress that remains with us constantly - daily, weekly, monthly - year-after-year.

And that is precisely the same model we use to combat stress. Single-event stress reduction has little effect on our health. It is only the regular daily practice of stress-reduction that gives us noticeable results. Call it "chronic stress reduction" if you wish.

One such technique is brain wave music. Brain wave music combines soothing music or nature sounds with binaural beats technology. The pleasant music helps to calm us down, but the real power is in the binaural beats technology.

The binaural beats tracks sync up with our brain waves. Then, during the course of the audio program; the binaural beats gradually shift to the alpha, theta or even delta frequency ranges (depending upon the audio session selected). These are frequency ranges in which our minds are relaxed, meditative or even asleep. As the binaural beat frequency shifts, our brain follows via a process called entrainment and we become calm, relaxed and centered. Relax the brain and the body will follow.

When used daily, we not only spend more time in calmer mental states during the binaural beats sessions - but we also train our brains to enter these healthy mind states more easily.

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