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Blues Guitar Lesson - The Way to the Roots of Modern Music

If you want to learn to play the guitar then you should look at learning the techniques of the blues guitar with a blues guitar lesson or two. The thing is that the blues is considered the root of all music. From its humble beginnings believed to be back in Africa, the sounds of the blues were sung out by the plantation workers (initially slaves) who lived in the Mississippi Delta. At night these sounds were interpreted on stage by a number of great blues musicians included some notable guitarists. These night time jaunts took place at the "juke joints" that were once the mainstay of nightly entertainment for these plantation workers all throughout the state of Mississippi. In fact highway 61 is known as the blues highway as it runs from the jazz point of the blues in New Orleans, all the way up to Memphis, which is the mainstay home of the blues. The blues route does however continue on to Chicago as the largest city that has a blues flavor.

Blues guitar has a fundamental influence on the structure of all modern music you hear today and this is why blues guitar lessons are important to understand the foundation of this great music and bring out the notes, scales and modes in your own playing. With an understanding of the blues you will have a great knowledge of how music is made and you will be able to take your playing to a whole new level. If it wasn't for the blues, Elvis wouldn't have made his break in to popular culture, John Lennon wouldn't have picked up the guitar and the face of world music would be very different to how it is today.

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