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Sound Therapy and the Miracle of Music

Evolve with music.

I remember as a kid how much I enjoyed listening to music while busy with my homework and that has never changed. Now I work, write, paint, exercise and cook to music, it helps me both to focus and to be creative. Because of my multi cultural background I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. What music I choose to listen to depends a lot on my mood. If I feel down and I want to feel better, I play a lively CD with a nice dance beat that puts me in a good mood immediately because my body responds instinctively to the beat of the music. If I feel scattered and beside myself, I play Bach, Satie or Mozart and I can instantly feel my mind relax. Sometimes I feel nostalgic for my roots and then my soul calls for Arabic or Indian music, or some other music that reminds me of happy special moments in my life, so I listen to that for a while to soothe my soul and without fail it works wonders.

The use of sound and music is the most ancient healing technique. It was practiced in the ancient mystery schools of Tibet, India, Egypt, China, Athens and Rome for tens of thousands of years. Over the past centuries much of this information disappeared in the west but is now re-emerging.

From time immemorial, music has been a part of the Indian culture. Music is an age-old part of Ayurveda, the holistic Indian science that promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle. The curative power of music emanates from the resonance of certain ragas on hormonal and glandular functions, which produce secretions that keep the body balanced and infection free. There's music for indigestion, music to build up self-confidence, music for insomnia, to heal gall stones and arthritis, for anxiety and for any ailment you can think of.

Music is capable of improving health and concentration, promoting peace and happiness. It is important, however, to know the method and the duration for which music therapy is to be administered. Listening to music helps control negative aspects of our personality like worry or anger. It can also cure headaches, abdominal pain, strokes, stuttering and tension. Music therapy is one of the most effective ways of controlling emotions, blood pressure and restoring the functions of the liver.

It is also believed that music stimulates the pituitary gland, whose secretions affect the nervous system and the flow of blood. To be healed by music, it is necessary to vibrate the cells of the body, for it is through these vibrations that the person's consciousness can be changed to promote good health. The right kind of music helps one to relax and to refresh. The right kind of light music also increases efficiency while working. This reminds me of a friend who enjoyed listening to what was known in the 80s as background music that was played in lifts in all hotels in the US. I personally found it boring monotonous music as it lulled one into docility. Being docile and being relaxed are two totally different states of being.

Modern western science and medicine has now rediscovered the healing powers of music and music therapy is now an accepted form of treatment within orthodox medical practice. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, who healed thousands of people while in a trance state, said that 'music is the medicine of the future'. I read somewhere that what we might expect in the future are tonal spas where we can rejuvenate our vibrational fields. Perhaps even chanting centres in schools and work places? Now that sounds like music to my ears!

Until that becomes reality, you can in the meantime find music on YouTube to activate and to raise the frequency of your DNA, your pituitary gland, your pineal gland and much more. All with the goal to assist you to evolve.

Be careful though what you listen to, not everything is good or authentic on you tube. Whatever music you listen to should energize you and make you feel good.

Plato wrote: Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Now a few quick words about 2012! No matter what your thoughts and beliefs are or aren't about the Mayan prophecy, spirituality or religion, about the chaos and widespread evil and violence all over the globe, I think that you will agree with me on one point and that is something has to change, that we cannot go on like this, on a self-destruct mission.

My personal belief is we are born to evolve. It is a never-ending upwards journey for humankind and for all life on earth. For me that is the reason and the meaning of life. Consciousness Evolution. The whole planet and everything on it is constantly evolving and this has been going on for eons. History tells us that there are certain stages and major cycles of cosmic and planetary changes and we are right now going through such a major cycle change. We are actually in the midst of this and in my opinion it's not coming to an abrupt end with 2012 but will continue until we reach what is known as the tipping point, when the collective shift to higher consciousness has been achieved by 10% of the world population. Whatever chaos and damage happens until then, other than natural catastrophes, we humankind are responsible for solely.

What does that mean? In a few words it means that this is the new millennium and we are all creators of the Golden Age of Love Peace and Harmony as the earth is shifting to a higher vibration and frequency and everyone and everything is vibrating faster along with it. You must notice too just how fast time is passing by. No, it's not your imagination. It's real. Evolve to help usher in the new golden age, there is no going back, so we can only go forward to meet our destiny as a human family. Make this year the year where you will pick up a spiritual practice to your liking to help you evolve beyond your ego to bring you nearer to your Higher Self and to the Spirit.

We've lived so far for thousands of years with our 5 physical senses while many evolved persons have lived with six or seven. Now the whole of the human family is challenged to develop the 6th and 7th spiritual senses, the intuition and the higher mind. They correspond to the third eye between your brows and to the crown chakra, top of your head. These two higher spiritual senses need to be developed to connect with the spirit world, for you to make the transition to new dimensions of higher consciousness. You need to be able to adjust to live with the new frequencies that we are and will be exposed to more and more. This is the time now for you to evolve as fast as you are experiencing time passing by.

I wish you a year full of joy, as you vibrate with higher consciousness in harmony with the heartbeat of planet earth! Treat yourself to healing music! Pamper yourself and join the consciousness evolution revolution.

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