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Mary Poppins - See Her on Stage in London and the US

Cameron Mackintosh and Disney studios took it upon themselves to introduce Mary Poppins back into our lives. New generations, and old, now have the opportunity to watch the magical happenings of this fascinating English nanny - once again. Mary Poppins on screen is one thing, but live - that is a whole other story!

The show first debuted in London in 2004. For two years, Americans sat on the edge of their seats waiting for their chance. Finally, in November 2006, the Broadway show debuted at the Amsterdam Theatre in New York. Mary Poppins has been performing, in the U.S., for over two years now, and the show is just as highly demanded, as it was when it first came to the states! There is no better way to experience her magical presence than to see the show on Broadway.

Mary Poppins first hit the big screen in 1964, one of Disneys many phenomenal musicals. Mary Poppins was an English nanny, derived from a series of books written in the 1930s, who was firm and stubborn, yet lovable. Regardless of age, young or old - even today - it is impossible to not be lured in by her magical ways. Although the entire movie is memorable, some of her most infamous lines were "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down?", and - of course - "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!

Mary Poppins floated out of the sky, as the entire Banks family desperately needed a rude awakening. Children looking for fun and attention - and of course need a bit of discipline - and parents who just don't have the time - there is no better home for an English nanny. The children were not thrilled with Mary Poppins - at first - but her charm and magic quickly captured their hearts. Throughout the flick, you see a complete transformation of the entire family, individually and the way they are together. It is amazing what an exceptional cast, a creative script, and excellent music can do for a musical about family and magic.

An entire team of people - Disney, Mackintosh, Julian Fellowes, Richard Eyre, George Styles, and Anthony Drew - determined that it was time to bring this Nanny back, and give her a bit of a modern day appeal. Even though the Broadway show has a more modern feel, with some new songs, audiences are still enthralled by the story and Mary Poppins herself.

Ashley Brown and Gavin Lee play the roles of Mary Poppins and Bert (the father of the kids), respectively. Along with other fabulous cast members, these two bring audiences the same old story with a grand new twist! Ticket sales have soured, from day one, and audiences continually rave about each performance - proof of an exceptionally performed show!

In 2008 the production began to tour London, but will come to an end in April of 2009. The cast has had the luxury and honor of performing in some of the most prestigious theatres in the country; theatres like Edinburg Playhouse, Palace Theatre, Manchester, the Wales Millennium, and Theatre Royal. The U.S. production will begin touring, as well, in March of 2009, which currently has no scheduled end date. Holland tours will begin in the year 2010.

Even if you do not know who Mary Poppins is, this is a fascinating story that audiences of all ages will enjoy. Mary Poppins brings her magic alive right in front of you eyes. Don't miss the chance to see this stunning performance in a city near you.

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